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The media is a social tool. Under the premise of being reasonable, legal and reasonable, media professionals should try their best to assist and serve the audience; Taiwan’s media environment has changed drastically after the millennium, and it has been 20 years so far. Is it progressing? Each listener is exposed to various types of media according to his environment, and the degree of understanding and clarity varies from person to person, resulting in different concepts and ideas.

However, in 2020 Flip Media 2.0, you and I are both responsible for spending money to contribute or building partnerships; to encourage audiences of all ages to speak up, even if the standards and judgments of China’s media are insufficient in practice, and The lack of overall consideration, evaluation, and a far-sighted perspective has led to the loss of the three “publics” that they should have.

Without the characteristics of fairness, justice, and openness, even the credibility of the audience has been greatly reduced; the sound and good workplace environment in related industries has also faded, and the overall level can be said to be getting worse.

It is almost the last place among all countries in the world. The quality of the media, such as the big news, radio, television and media, has long been criticized by the people and caused public outrage for many years. It is recommended that people and units in related industries around the world resume thinking and respond to any problems. Keeping people and things always curious or questioning will have an opportunity to improve the crux of the current stagnant problems that have accumulated for many years, or a line of defense to protect themselves from the manipulation of political parties.


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