臺灣大學生向世界各國求援發聲!中英文字句像無政府狀態 諷蔡英文執政團隊無能Covid-19歹戲拖棚 自認防疫先鋒太無知搞成國際笑話

[Taiwan Needs Help]

大家好~我們是一群想要幫助台灣拿到更多疫苗的學生。由於台灣一直無法取得足夠的疫苗給第一線醫護和高風險人員施打,我們這裡仿照當年Taiwan Can Help 的做法,寫信給世界衛生組織和其他願意協助我們的國家,同時也希望台灣政府可以了解施打疫苗的急迫性。希望大家可以幫忙轉發,because Taiwan Needs Help now。


[English Version]

To all whom it may concern:

Taiwan is currently in the middle of a health and humanitarian crisis. Over the past week, more than 3000 cases of Covid-19 have been reported. Over ten percent are in intensive care, far greater than the world average. Many of those dying are elderly people living alone, many of them without proper medical care. Hospitals are now overflowing with mortally ill patients and may soon collapse.

What our country urgently needs now is enough vaccines to protect all our people. Even though we have purchased over 20 million doses from pharmaceutical companies and COVAX, only a small fraction of them has arrived. We currently only have less than a million doses of the AZ vaccine, which is known to cause thrombosis in the elderly and the infirm. Even those on the frontlines are unable to receive adequate protection, which puts them at high risk of contracting the virus.

Last year, when many countries were struggling with the coronavirus, Taiwan reached out its hand to the world. We provided medical masks and protective equipment to those in need. We helped advance medical research on many fronts, including drug synthesis and rapid screening tests. As one of the few nations to stop the virus early on, we set an example for others to follow and brought hope to others. Now we urge you to reach out your hand towards us as we have done before.

Sincerely yours, students from NTU






來自國立台灣大學的學生 敬上

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