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What is the Ministry of Culture doing? The minister was very busy and did not have time to pay attention to the media chaos. But Li Yongde had time to go south to present awards

【Ogre, sean huang; Special investigation report manuscript, taipei】

What is the Ministry of Culture doing? The minister was very busy and did not have time to pay attention to the media chaos. But Li Yongde had time to go south to present awards

In recent years, Taiwan has been mired in media chaos for 20 years! Obviously how incompetent the government is, it may listen to shameless elements or people who do not know how to pretend to understand. In addition to simply repealing the relevant laws and regulations, it also abolished the original authorities directly under the industry.

In this regard, the reporter took the initiative to contact the Minister of Culture Li Yongde at the end of last year, and the secretary replied repeatedly that “he is in a meeting”; it made people wonder what meeting was so important, and he was unwilling to discuss how to deal with the media news. square.

Later, the answer was revealed. The minister was very busy and had to go to the south to present awards. Even if there was an epidemic, the minister would have to wear a mask to attend; if this is not a show, what is a show? I asked the Minister to take the time to answer the call, but the Minister is so big that he made people wait for a day, and if he didn’t answer or he didn’t answer, he didn’t say a word.

What is exaggerated is that not to mention the fact that the quality of life, state, industry, and economic environment have not improved significantly in the past 22 years of party rotation. The so-called “improvement” and “reform” are just like shouting “party, government, and military withdraw from the media” and “news.” “Freedom” is nothing but a “slogan.” In addition, civil servants don’t know much about various industries. Due to their ignorance and bad habits, they would rather wait for the experience of other countries in the world than take the challenge and try to be the leader.

It is showing that there are indeed many problems in party politics, especially the lack of experience in the ruling team. It is fundamentally difficult to deal with the problems properly, let alone to improve the well-being of the people. Repeatedly, repeatedly claimed that “it takes time”, but in fact it is. Put the problem into a mess, and will never give up until the last minute is full of complaints.

In order to seize power and govern, political parties can get a share of the pie and allow themselves to do things well, but they are unwilling to help the people. It is really just an illusion to verify that the hope that the government can work together and invest more resources. However, the political parties are happy to manipulate the media that is not regulated today, and seem to have forgotten the existence of the Constitution of the Republic of China. The reporter’s right to interview it defended is to prevent the current power holders from acting arbitrarily.

In fact, the current democratic society is another kind of totalitarian dictatorship; the implementation of laws and regulations is only effective for honest and serious people. Even if the relevant government ministries and committees are messing up, they can hardly be held accountable if they are in compliance with the Administrative Procedure Law. Misuse of public funds, even the prosecutors did not. In other words, if you don’t know how to do things, you can only suffer a loss, and it’s silly to pay eagerly to follow the rules.

Recall that every time when it comes to elections, the political parties list their political achievements and ignore the media issues. On the eve of the general election last year, the legislators of the KMT and the Democratic Party told reporters that “I will talk about it after the election for fear of affecting the election.” The result has changed a year. “Lost contact”, the call is not returned, and of course no one can be seen.

These are all frustrating and frustrating for the current Taiwanese government, as if in an anarchic country, it has to seek foreign aid on its own. Not only does it take more time to get in touch, it also requires more than three times the communication to facilitate understanding and hopefully get help. Even if there is a solution in hand, an ignorant and incompetent government is very capable of making people feel powerless; even if there are other countries that have launched similar solutions, the chaos in the mass media news media that is criticized by the whole people has turned into a global height Concerning the new issue, the Taiwanese government still doesn’t know what era it is in. It has also chosen to speak out to the world, emphasizing that “epidemic prevention is done well.” (Responsible editors: Cai Yunrong, Chen Yingying, Xie Yuyan, Xie Yiyan, TAIWAN-Johnny, Hong Jianting, Guan Stefani, Gu Chenlan, Ye Tengwei, LOS ANGELES-Johnny, Winnie, Chen Xiangjun Editing review: Ouge, the bad editor System: visual design group, audiovisual group, Los Angeles editorial center and cloud general affairs group)



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